• We are working to make San Sebastian a city of
    entrepreneurship and opportunities, with science
    and growth as our commitment to the future.


We help attract and retain talent

Because people are the most important asset (of businesses and cities), we set up projects for people with qualifications and a background in innovation to stay here or come here to carry out their projects.

If you are one of those people with qualifications and a background in R+D+i and you want to carry out your project in our city:


1We can offer you accommodation in San Sebastián –through the Talent House building–; we help you with the employment service for your partner (if he or she is coming with you); and we take care of all the paperwork to enable you to set up in the city. If you are from San Sebastián and are returning there, or a researcher and/or a highly qualified person who has just arrived or is thinking of coming to San Sebastián to carry out research with one of the city's R+D+i centres and/or agents, our assistance plan could be of interest to you.

2We are generating opportunities for our young talent to make a start on their professional career (here or abroad). And we are making San Sebastián an attractive city for a life/work balance.

3We assist your innovative entrepreneurial project through various cutting-edge acceleration programmes.