• San Sebastian is a medium-sized city renowned
    for its innovation as well for having a wide cultural
    scene and an excellent quality of life.

Why to choose Donostia / San Sebastian

We work to make San Sebastián an enterprising city and a city of opportunities, focusing on science and growth moving towards the future.


With a diverse human capital and a collaborative spirit, San Sebastian's talent is a key driver of the city's success in creating opportunities and promoting advancements in various sectors, enhancing its reputation as a center for talent and innovation.

& Knowledge

San Sebastian boasts a vibrant and collaborative landscape of science and knowledge, making it an ideal destination for research and innovation. The city is also home to cutting-edge research institutions.

Business & Innovation Ecosystem

With a commitment to entrepreneurship and a forward-looking approach, San Sebastian provides a supportive platform for businesses to thrive. The city's innovation ecosystem is enriched by collaboration between public and private entities.

We are a leading city in advanced fields

In our city, the R&D&I network is the engine that drives innovation, backed by a rich ecosystem and inspiring entrepreneurial talent. We promote the development of innovative, high-impact projects, putting the future on the agenda of the present.






New Materials

Quantum Technologies