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Second Stakeholders Meeting at Ekinn Entrepreneurship Summit Addresses Key Challenges for Health Start-ups

In a significant development during the Ekinn Entrepreneurship Summit organized by Fomento de San Sebastian as part of Innovation Week, the 2nd Stakeholders meeting of the Notre Project took place as one of the activities on November 29, 2023. The Summit, dedicated to tackling challenges faced by start-ups, especially those in early growth phases, emphasized crucial aspects such as supporting women entrepreneurs, fostering international connections, facilitating investors and local start-up meetings, and nurturing an entrepreneurial culture in health-related research.

Notre.jpgThe Notre Project, a key initiative in this landscape, was unveiled, showcasing its core objectives, partner organizations, and future milestones. Sergio González, CEO of Innobide, delved into a thought-provoking analysis of the stereotypes associated with scientific profiles taking the helm in health start-ups, providing invaluable self-assessment tools.

One researcher entrepreneur of our Ekin+ Health programme, shared his entrepreneurial journey, enriching the discourse with practical insights. The latter part of the day unfolded with an interactive workshop, focusing on the primary challenges confronting health start-ups and strategies for effective collaboration within the ecosystem.

The meeting seamlessly intertwined theory and real-world experiences, equipping participants with tools and inspiration crucial for transforming scientific ideas into viable business projects. Breaking down barriers and fostering a reflective environment on the requisite skills and attitudes, the gathering proved not only informative but also actively engaged all attendees.

The resounding success of the meeting highlighted its significance in promoting collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective growth within the health entrepreneurship sphere. As Ekinn Summit continues to be a driving force in nurturing innovation, the 2nd Stakeholders meeting stands as a testament to its commitment to empowering the next generation of health entrepreneurs.