European Projects. Management of EU funded projects.

  • Código Oferta:14253
  • Proyecto: ZABALA Innovation Consulting, S.U / European Projects. Management of EU funded projects. / BELGICA / Bruselas
  • País: BELGICA
  • Municipio: Bruselas
  • Entidad: ZABALA Innovation Consulting, S.U
  • Tipo de contrato: Beca
  • Duración: 6 meses
  • Salario mensual: 1635
  • Observaciones: Research and Development and Innovation Consultancy. European Projects. Contribute to the management of EU funded projects:
    * Support to management (reporting and amendment process) related activities.
    * Support to financing of Third parties with the launch of calls for proporsals.
    * Supòrt to the management of experts platforms.
    Contribute to the preparation of innovation related proposals of EU programs:
    * Proposal writing-design and contribution to technical proposals in various areas (energy, transport, food, health, security)
    * Interation with clients and consortium partners.
    * Budget development.
    *Collecting imput from partners.
    Support senior consultants in the management of clients:
    - Inform clients on funding opportunities.
    - Evaluate project ideas and advise on funding opportunities.
    - Take part to events on behalf of clients and report main movelties
  • Nivel Académico: Licenciatura o Grado (C5-8)
  • Fecha Alta: 2024-05-21
  • Fecha Inicio: 2024-06-17
  • Titulación: Grados en Ingeniería, Tecnológicos y Científicos
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