We work to make San Sebastián an enterprising city and a city of opportunities, focusing on science and growth moving towards the future


We create connections to implement strategic collaboration and promote the city around the world

We want the world to know that San Sebastián is an innovative, attractive city with a high standard of living, where anyone who wishes to do so can develop professionally.

We operate a multilevel strategy:


1We coordinate and participate in European and global projects to improve the city and the living standards of its inhabitants (almost 50 projects in the last decade).

2We are involved with international collaboration networks: EUROCITIES, Surf Cities Network, Atlantic Cities or ERNACT, among others.

3As part of the H2020 programme, the European Union's master research and innovation plan for cities, we headed up the Replicate project.

4We attend international trade fairs to show that San Sebastián boasts a state-of-the-art innovation ecosystem.

5We offer businesses the chance to publicise themselves

6We offer grants to young people for internships at companies and bodies abroad, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Harvard University.