Smartcommerce stores and catering

negocios enZaharrean - Trader's Association of the Old Town and twenty-three commercial establishments are actively supporting the project, generating a mixed model of public-private cooperation.


Zaharrean is assuming on the one hand the management in the boosting of the stores in the street and on the other hand, by disseminating the results of the SmartKalea project to other commercial establishments in the Old Town.


Stores and businesses involved in the project are working to evolve into a smarter trade, analysing and studying purchases, marketing, sales and service from a perspective of the use of ICTs. This commitment to Smart management is structured into these actions among others:


  1. a.Installation of equipments and software that allow improving the environmental conditions of their business.
  2. a.ICTs training and implementations

  3. a.Businesses involved in the project are performing coordinated actions to promote the revitalization of the street.