Currently, 23 establishments (shops or bars/restaurants) on Calle Mayor and in the district of Altza have devices monitoring electricity consumption or have access to an electric energy consumption monitoring platform. They also have smart water meters that monitor water consumption and improve town management by means of remote monitoring. The shops in the district of Altza have been joining the initiative since the beginning of 2017. The aim is to improve energy efficiency by optimising the existing devices and installations. Individual expert advice is offered to shops, including comprehensive analysis and multi-level saving measures. In addition, participating shops were offered the possibility of coming together to buy 100% renewable electric energy, which results in lower rates and helps improve environmental sustainability.



At present, 34 households on Calle Mayor are part of this initiative enabling them to analyse their energy use and take measures to reduce it and save money. In 2017, the project is extending to households in the Old Town and Altza, where 17 neighbours have joined the initiative. Likewise, more than 70 households on Calle Mayor have smart water meters that monitor water consumption for improved management and saving in both consumption (bills) and waste/sewage treatment. In addition to monitoring the use of water and electricity, the project includes advice on energy issues and good practice guidelines for energy efficiency, money saving and environmental awareness.



The idea is to give shopkeepers training on ICT and support the implementation of pilot projects in technology solutions to increase business competitiveness. The ultimate goal is to bring Donostia-based establishments to the forefront of ICT use in a smart city, joining efforts to operate in the market.


In 2018 SmartKalea Experience initiative will be launched and disseminated to the citizenship. This initiative is based on a beacon technology deployment project (geomarketing) .  SmartKalea Experience, on the one hand, will alow the shops on Calle Mayor to offer deals and promotions, and on the other hand, the citizens will have the opportunity to receive information on promotions at the SmartKalea commercial establishments on the Calle Mayor in the Old Quarter of San Sebastian.