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Film Commission

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San Sebastian-Gipuzkoa Film Commission is consolidated with 87 shoots in 2018 and direct investment of 4.2 million euros

2019 se perfila como un año histórico, con filmaciones como la última película de Woody Allen, o las series ‘Patria’, de HBO, y ‘La línea invisible’, de Movistar. euros.

Gipuzkoa Filmcommission portada

Gipuzkoa and San Sebastian partner up to promote and facilitate cinematographic production in the territory

The Provincial Council reaches an agreement with San Sebastian City Hall, through its corporation Fomento, and Provincial Development Agencies, to set up the new San Sebastian-Gipuzkoa Film Commission.


Handia, winner of ten Goya Awards, is one of the films shot in San Sebastian in 2017, with the collaboration of the Film Commission

Last year, around 90 film, television and advertising projects were shot in our city, including five feature films. The film, ‘Handia’ (Giant), which was shot in different locations around the city with the collaboration of the San Sebastian Film Commission, appears on this list. 


The film shoots on which the Film Commission collaborated had an economic impact of 6 million euros in San Sebastián.

The most recent production was a short film by Julio Medem for 'Kalebegiak'. In 2015, the San Sebastián Film Commission dealt with a total of 103 filming applications, which materialised into 86 audiovisual projects shot over 339 days in the city. These projects had a combined budget of 14.4 million euros, of which the respective companies declared a direct investment of 2 million euros in San Sebastián. 

Zipi y zape

San Sebastián locations in the Zip and Zap and the Captain’s Island teaser

The promotional teaser of the film being premiered on 29 July shows several locations in Donostia where the film was shot last summer, including the Ametzagaina Park and Mount Ulía. Further locations in Gipuzkoa are Aia, Zumaia and Mount Jaizkibel.


The film Loreak, shot in San Sebastián, chosen to represent Spanish film at the Academy Awards

The film, directed by Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga, beat the other two candidates picked by the Spanish Film Academy, namely, Gracia Querejeta’s Happy 140 and Carlos Vermut’s Magical Girl.

Medusa Ganador

“Medusa” by Alex Goikoetxea, winner of the audience award at the Film In San Sebastián competition

The video that received the most votes on Facebook (625) is “Medusa” by Alex Goikoetxea, which has won 300 euros as part of the audience award.


San Sebastian, with 86 shoots in 2013, is consolidated as the most dynamic Atlantic location to attract filming

The total investment in these projects is around 7 million Euros, of which 30% has remained in the city.

Donostia through mirror

“Donostia Through Mirror” de Mikel Yarza y “Surfing The Street” de Imanol Trueba han sido los vídeos premiados en Film In San Sebastián

22 cortometrajes han mostrado a través de un vídeo la ciudad de Donostia como plató de cine, en el marco del Concurso Film In San Sebastián de la Film Commission de Fomento de San Sebastián.

La herida

“La Herida”, filmed in Donostia with the collaboration of the San Sebastián Film Commission, wins awards at Zinemaldia

The first feature-length film by Fernando Franco, La Herida, received two awards at the 61st San Sebastián International Film Festival, a special judges' award, and the Silver Shell for best actress, which went to Marian Álvarez.

Alex Ezkurdia

Interview.... Alex Ezcurdia

Hablamos con el director vasco de “Tres-60”, un thriller ambientado en el mundo del surf, rodado en Donostia y cuyo preestreno está al caer.

Fernando Franco

Interview... Fernando Franco

He has edited several films which include Blancanieves and Bon Appétit and he is now directing his first feature film "La Herida". We had the chance to chat with him during the first days of the shooting in San Sebastián.


Interview Koldo Zuazua

Meet Koldo Zuazua, the executive producer of the film "La Herida", which is being filmed in Donostia at the moment"


San Sebastián, a whole world in one city

San Sebastián and... Action!

60 Km2 where the mountains and the sea meet, giving rise to urban romanticism and avant-garde trends, tradition and innovation, food and culture.


2012: Largest number of films ever shot in San Sebastián, for a total budget of €15 million

Fomento de San Sebastián, the organisation in charge of the San Sebastián Film Commission, highlighted the high number of films shot in town in 2012, the year when the film industry hit rock bottom in Spain.

Zipi y Zape

The adventures of Zipi & Zape shot in September in San Sebastián

Fomento de San Sebastián and its Film Commission – an agency for the promotion of film shooting in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián – collaborated with the filming of the last part Zipi y Zape y el Club de la Canica, produced by Mod Producciones.

Logo Pi@

PI@ Communal spaces

Located in San Sebastian´s business area, Zuatzu, the Audiovisual Innovation Pole (PI@) offers communal spaces to companies.

Michel Gaztanbide

We invite you to the cinema!. Gaztambide’ Box

Scriptwriter and Goya Award winner Michel Gaztambide is coming to Donostia-San Sebastián to talk about his interesting trade, previous to the screening of Box 507 (La Caja 507), the film whose script he wrote with Enrique Urbizu.

Al rescate

Orio Produkzioak to produce humour show 'Al rescate' to be broadcast by ETB as of 20 April

Óscar Terol is the head of this ETB2 sketch show, also starring Gorka Otxoa, Asier Hormaza and Santi Ugalde, among others. The show was shot with the cooperation of the San Sebastián Film Commission.

Lagun mina

'What about Columbus?' Film luzearen nazioarte-mailako estreinaldia PI@ eraikinean

Pi@, ikus-entzunezko industria eta industria digitala sustatzeko Donostiako Sustapenaren eraikinak, datorren martxoaren 10ean, arratsaldeko 16:30etan, What About Columbus film luzearen, Lander Camarero jaunak zuzendua, nazioarte-mailako estreinaldia eskainiko du. Film luzeak India, Peru eta Euskal Herriko errealizatzaileek zuzendutako hiru film labur ere barnebiltzen ditu. Bertako film laburra, Lagun Mina izenburua duena eta Kimuak 2011 programan sartua, Jose Mari Goenaga donostiarrak zuzendu du eta Moriarti ekoizpen-etxeak ekoitzi du.


El método Arrieta, Under Way

El método Arrieta tells the amazing and unknown story of sisters Lourdes and Mentxu Arrieta, and their special relationship despite their severe impairments.


Two feature films and a short film shot in Donostia-San Sebastián, stars at the San Sebastián Film Festival

The section “Zabaltegi” featured Urte berri on, amona!. Artikutza was the place chosen to shoot Bi Anai. Last but not least, the Festival showed Moriarti’s short film Lagun mina.

Alderdi Eder

Donostia, a Christmas scenery

Once again this year, Donostia-San Sebastián has become a Christmas scenery.

Bi anai

Bi anai, now showing at cinemas!

Artikutza was the location chosen to shoot Bi Anai, the adaptation of the novel by the same name by Bernardo Atxaga.


Uno de esos días de playa, segundo mejor cortometraje 36HSF

"Uno de esos días de playa" de Ricardo Ibáñez y Daniel Palazón, cortometraje participante en las 36 Horas de Supervivencia Fílmica Donostia-San Sebastián organizadas por Cinemavip.


Los ojos de Laia, mejor cortometraje 36HSF

"Los ojos de Laia", de Alex Rodrigo, cortometaje participante en las 36 Horas de Supervivencia Fílmica organizadas por Cinemavip en Donostia-San Sebastián.


Mugaldekoak, produced jointly with Donostia-San Sebastián Film Commission, in theatres now

The film Mugaldekoak, shot in the streets of Donostia-San Sebastián and Artikutza Park, is coming to the theatres of the three capital cities of the Basque Country


Donostia-San Sebastián Film Commission

Municipal office that administers permits to film in the city.

Hitchcock in San Sebastin

San Sebastian in the Cinema

City known throughout the world for its passion for cinema.

Urumea river

Donostia San Sebastián B/W

A black and white trip around the city, its people and its culture.

Screening room

7th San Sebastian Human Rights and Film Festival

A space for Peace Culture and Cohabitation that spotlights respect for all people's right, with no exclusions.