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Entities, such as the MIT Media Lab (USA), Harvard (USA), Babson College (USA), or cities, such as Amsterdam (Holland), Tampere (Finland), Birmingham (United Kingdom), are among the prestigious destinations for the 25 grants offered by the Deputy Mayor's


Fomento San Sebastian, public body reporting to the Deputy Mayor's Office of San Sebastian, is launching a programme of 25 grants to young people from San Sebastian in international organisations for a period of six months through the development of excellence projects. The registration period for these Connecting Talent grants closes on 12th February, with their implementation in March.


The Deputy Mayor, Ernesto Gasco, highlights that “we have obtained these grants in the best international organisations thanks to intense efforts within the campaign to promote talent that we have been carrying out through Fomento de San Sebastián. As a result of these grants, our young people will have more advantages in a job market that is currently extremely competitive and global”. He also pointed out that “these grants aim to be a connection tool with international centres of reference that foster the positioning of the city as a hub for talent attraction and retention and with local projects of companies and leading research centres”. 


To apply for one of these grants of excellence in leading international organisations, the following requirements must be fulfilled:   

  • Hold a diploma, graduate or higher level vocational training qualification.
  • Be under the age of 30 on 1st January 2017.
  • Be registered as a resident of San Sebastián for at least one uninterrupted year on 1st January 2017 or have studied in the city.
  • Not have received any other grant with the possibility to spend a period in excess of six months abroad on placement.


  • Have a high level of English (C1) and the language of the destination country in those cases in which it is considered necessary (obtained within the past 4 years). For this purpose, an oral and written test will be carried out in order to determine the language skills of the candidate to the grant.
  • Fulfil the profile required by the company or organisation in which the placement will be undertaken. 


The stays will be for at least six months, with a monthly payment of €1,358, in addition to a travel insurance 100% funded by Fomento de San Sebastián. 


Those selected will carry out projects in entities such as MIT Media Lab (USA), Harvard Medical School (USA), Babson College (USA), Fraunhofer (Germany) and cities like Amsterdam (Holland), Tampere (Finland), Birmingham (United Kingdom) or companies like BASF (Germany). The application period, which must be submitted online via the Fomento de San Sebastián website, will close on 12th February: http://bit.ly/2BDXkzH. For further information, those interested may attend the informative session which will take place on Tuesday 30th January at 1.30pm in Talent House. 


Local companies and institutions, such as Polymat, Ikor or Ceit, as well as bodies such as the Imfahe Foundation have collaborated in this project.  


This programme will be the 50% co-funded by the European Social Fund, within the framework of the Basque Country ESF Operational Programme 2014-2020, for the “Donostia Gazteekin programme: Adapted integration in the Job Market for unemployed young people qualified in the city’s emerging and strategic sectors".

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