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San Sebastian presents its Talent Attraction strategy in London


Fomento de San Sebastián has taken part in the prestigious NatureJobs Career Expo in London (http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/career-expo), as part of the internationalisation of its strategy to engage, attract and develop talent, holding a meeting at the Spanish embassy with researchers and professionals, presenting the city’s commitment to talent under the slogan “San Sebastian Connecting Talent. The best place to live and work”. It also accompanied Infahe (http://www.imfahe.org) to present the opportunity programme to FECYT.


A delegation from the publicly owned company Fomento de San Sebastián travelled to London to take part in the NatureJobs Career Expo on 3 and 4 October. With its own stand, it set out the Talent Attraction strategy implemented by the city. This strategy includes the platform www.sansebastian-connectingtalent.com, a meeting place for the professional community that provides an entry into bringing talent from San Sebastian back to the city and attracting highly qualified international profiles. This website presents San Sebastian as a city that offers ideal working and personal conditions, in order to attract highly qualified professionals. It includes information about the opportunities and job offers that are being generated in the city. It also provides information about all the services offered by Fomento de San Sebastián as an intermediary with businesses and technology centres and professionals who are thinking of returning to the city, in addition to tailored programmes to help professionals and their families adapt to the city.


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Deputy Mayor Ernesto Gasco, who heads up the City’s Department of Economic Promotion, assures that “we understand that the time is right to activate a serious campaign on an international scale to attract talent, as one of the drivers behind the city’s economy, and for this reason, we have rolled out a strategy called “Connecting Talent” whereby, using different tools, we aim firstly to connect with the community of highly qualified individuals who are originally from San Sebastian and who are currently living and working abroad, and secondly, to set out the professional and personal opportunities on offer to them in San Sebastian”. This strategy also encompasses the attraction of international talent by reaching out to different entities.


jobs londres 5Naturejobs Career Expo is the most important scientific jobs fair held in the UK, aimed at graduates, PhD students and postdocs in physics, chemistry, life sciences, maths and medicine, as well as university students looking to pursue a different career. The primary goal of this fair is to promote Europe as the ideal place to develop a professional career in the sphere of science, be it in industrial research, within research organisations, or universities. So, this event is the ideal place to find out about the best opportunities from the best public, private, national and international organisations.


Fomento de San Sebastián had its own stand and attended this international event in London with a view to locating and engaging highly qualified professionals and researchers in strategic areas for our city, as well as to promote and publicise the highly qualified job opportunities available in San Sebastian.


San Sebastian has undergone an intense process of transformation, and currently has an ecosystem linked to innovation and talent that fosters professional development, making the city a key reference for R&D in Europe. In addition to the undeniable qualify of life on offer, its other assets include cutting edge research centres in strategic areas for the European Union such as grapheme and the study of the brain, as well as a welcome and induction plan that has been offered for the past six years, Talent House, which helps highly qualified researchers and professionals to move and settle in the city. Furthermore, in recent years, the city has rolled out several grants programmes linked to the development of talent, such as the Research Grants, Talent Return, Innovative Talent, and Internationalisation Grants.


jobs londres 1Currently, San Sebastian invests 2.7% of its local GDP in R&D, a figure that is much higher than the European, national and regional average, with 36 research and knowledge centres that encompass close to 5,000 researchers. San Sebastian is also a European leader in some of the most important projects within the sphere of Smart Cities, such as Replicate, jointly financed by the Horizon 2020 programme (European programme SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities), involving close to 40 partners with a budget of over 30 million euros.


Furthermore, the city’s local business network is characterised by its high level of technology, with advanced services and products. It is highly competitive at a global level, even in cutting edge sectors. This has been particularly recognised by the European Commission with its SME finance facility that has been accessed by twelve companies in San Sebastian, representing a total of almost 10 million euros. With this strategy, the city is on the road to becoming a new innovation and talent hub in the network of medium sized cities on a European and global scale.


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