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Donostia Open INN: analysis of international innovations in a new working session to improve the connection between young unemployed people and job opportunities


On 30th June a new working session was held for the open innovation pilot Donostia Open INN, in which international initiatives were presented that can serve as inspiration when co-designing the plan of action to tackle the first city challenge: How can we improve the connection between young unemployed people and job opportunities?.


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This event aimed to inform about the project's progress so far, and select a small number of interesting initiatives that are suitable and/or provide inspiration for our city.


After an analysis of 100 innovations that responded to the challenge, 10 that were shortlisted in previous stages were presented at the session. These were divided into two groups according to their area of action: (i) Training, employability and (ii) Transition, first job.


After voluntarily choosing in which group they wanted to participate, the participants worked on the ideas presented, analysing their potential impact on Donostia and the feasibility of their implementation in the city.


As a result of the work, each of the groups opted for two ideas that will be analysed in depth for possible implementation in Donostia.


Continue participating in the open innovation process to resolve city challenges via our platform DonostiaOpenINN.




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