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Descripción de la oferta de Becas Global Training


BECAS GT GARAPEN-Cellulose based organic-inorganic nanohybrids-(SUIZA,Dübendorf)


Dirigido a: Biophysics

Nivel académico: Licenciatura o Grado (C5-8)

Nº de plazas: 1



Tipo de contrato: Beca

Tipo de jornada: Jornada Completa

Duración: mínimo 6 meses

Retribución: Beca

Salario mensual: 1400€



Idiomas: Ingles: GENERAL - Acreditado B2 - 4 EOI (Imprescindible)



Observaciones: We aim to fabricate novel materials with multifunctional properties. To that end, cellulose nanocrystals will be coated with different proteins and then, these materials will be used as substrates for the in-situ synthesis of metallic nanoparticles on their surface. In this project we want to understand the effect of different proteins on the resulting nanoparticle growth and we hypothesize that this green and biological inspired approach will facilitate an efficient development of highly functional hybrid nanomaterials. Additional to studies of the material synthesis, we will also investigate the structure, morphology and multifunctional properties of the prepared organic-inorganic nanohybrids.

Titulación: Bachelor degree in biophysics, preferably with a strong background in protein characterization
Master degree in chemistry or physics would be acknowledged.

Experiencia: Experimental experience in chemical synthesis and characterization.



Sector: Investigación I+D+I