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Descripción de la oferta de Becas Global Training


BECAS GT FOMENTO-Foresight and innovation for public administration-(FRANCIA,Grenoble)


Dirigido a: public administration

Nivel académico: Licenciatura o Grado (C5-8)

Nº de plazas: 1



Tipo de contrato: Beca

Tipo de jornada: Jornada Completa

Duración: mínimo 6 meses

Retribución: Beca

Salario mensual: 1400€



Idiomas: Ingles: GENERAL - Acreditado B2 - 4 EOI (Imprescindible)

Francés: GENERAL - Acreditado B2 - 4 EOI (Imprescindible)



Observaciones: The purpose of the mission is to disseminate, structure and support departments in the following areas:
- Foresight
- Participation
- Management, including Project mode
- Evaluation / Observation
- Innovation, transformation of public action, including an inter-institutional lab project.

The mission would be to work to shed light on our practices in the light of other experiences (benchmarking), potentially to organise certain rapprochements with local authorities, while also providing foresight capacity to define how these missions could be continued and anchored in the years to come.

Titulación: Máster
political science, evaluation or multidisciplinary curriculum

Experiencia: Detalle:Máster



Sector: Administración y oficinas