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Descripción de la oferta de Becas Global Training


BECAS GT FOMENTO-Synchrotron experiments and modelling of magnetic domain wall dynamics-(FRANCIA,Grenoble)


Dirigido a: Nanosciences and technologies

Nivel académico: Licenciatura o Grado (C5-8)

Nº de plazas: 1



Tipo de contrato: Beca

Tipo de jornada: Jornada Completa

Duración: mínimo 6 meses

Retribución: Beca

Salario mensual: 1400€



Idiomas: Ingles: GENERAL - Acreditado B2 - 4 EOI (Imprescindible)

Francés: GENERAL - Acreditado C1 - 5 EOI (Valorable)



Observaciones: The motion of magnetic domain walls in one-dimensional conduits under applied magnetic field or spin-polarized current is a rich model system for the study of magnetization dynamics, and liable to be used in novel data processing and storage devices. Unlike many other teams, we consider domain walls in cylindrical nanowires (chemically-grown), for which unique properties were predicted, and could serve in disruptive three-dimensional data storage architectures.
The student will be involved in a beamtime of high-spatial resolution magnetic imaging at a synchrotron (either photo-emission electron microscopy, or scanning transmission x-ray microscopy), the associated data analysis and micromagnetic modelling (analytical and/or simulation with codes custom-developed over the past 20 years).

Titulación: Máster
Nanosciences and technologies

Experiencia: The student shall be curious and open to working in a multi-expertise team, ranging from chemical synthesis to advanced experimental techniques and modelling. A taste for experimental work and mathematical/computer skills are requested for this internship.

Detalle: MÁSTER



Sector: Investigación I+D+I