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Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi will give a conference on Steve Jobs's innovation strategy


"Why did Steve Jobs turn Apple into the most profitable and innovative company in history?" Dr. Ruelas-Gossi will take an in-depth look into the mind of Apple's founder through 5 non-intuitive insights.


Dr. Ruelas-Gossi will take an in-depth look into the mind of Apple's founder through 5 non-intuitive insights. Fomento de San Sebastián is organising a session on Steve Jobs and the company he helped to set up: Apple. Dr. Ruelas-Gossi will present what he calls 5 non-intuitive insights that he has come across when researching Jobs's company.  


Despite the fact that his successor, Tim Cook, has deviated the strategy that led this company to become the most admired, profitable and innovative in the world, Ruelas-Gossi will delve into its most immediate history to offer us the key aspects that made Apple a driving force for other companies, its skill in terms of identifying and nurturing human talent and its tactics to turn imagination into successful innovation.  


  • Day: Tuesday, February 24 2015
  • Place: Talent house. Paseo Duque de Baena, 42. 20009 • San Sebastián
  • Time: 6.30 pm




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