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Fomento San Sebastián organizes two technical sessions on energy retrofitting


On 7th and 8th of February 2019, at the ENERTIC building, Fomento San Sebastián organized two technical sessions with the local companies and agents from the Donostia Smart cluster, where they showed and tested the district energy retrofitting developed within the European project OptEEmAL (H2020-EU).


The session on the 7th brought together more than 20 local companies and agents from the building retrofitting sector, construction, architects, engineers, universities, research centers and municipal level, belonging to Donostia Smart cluster.During that session, together with the partners from the European project OptEEmAL, Fundación Cartif, Nobatek and Tecnalia, the goal and the results of the project were outlined, making special emphasis on the platform developed for the energy retrofitting of the buildings on the district level. The participants acknowledged all the work done on the project and the potential the platform itself has.


The session on the 8th was a work session with the actual case of the energy retrofitting of Txomin-Enea. The companies that are undertaking the retrofitting project (Giroa-Veolia, AGM, BASA and Andrasa) actively participated testing the process of the use of the platform step by step and applying the actual measures of the Txomin-Enea case to it. That testing allowed them to provide meaningful contributions to the improvement of the platform.


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These technical sessions took place at the ENERTIC building (iconic building designed with bioclimatic criteria and close to 0 emissions, and located at the Industrial Area 27 of Martutene), and their results will be published at the OptEEmAL Project Final Conference taking place this Wednesday, 20th of February 2019 at the Valladolid Science Museum (Museo de la Ciencia de Valladolid). Fomento San Sebastián participates together with the other demonstrator cities of Lund (Sweden) and Trento (Italy) in the round table where they will deal with the most significant aspects of the project applied to actual cases of retrofitting thanks to the use of OptEEmAL platform. Apart from presenting the main results and the relevance of the platform for the design of the modernization projects, there will also be time for expert discussions and interchange of experiences in energetic retrofitting projects.


OptEEmAL project and its platform are described in the following video:



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