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Fomento de San Sebastián participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, presenting the San Sebastián Smart Strategy and projects


Fomento de San Sebastián (Department for Economic Promotion) participated for the third consecutive year at the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress with a joint stand with all of the lighthouse projects and European organisations and presented the Replicate, SmartKalea and OptEEmal projects, as well as the Smart strategy for the city of San Sebastian.


The fair was held on 13th, 14th and 15th November and received 21,000 visitors from 140 countries and it is considered to be the most important smart cities event worldwide. This edition has focused on reflecting what makes a liveable city, based on 5 general themes: digital transformation, urban environment, mobility, governance and finance and inclusive cities. 


Fomento San Sebastián, coordinator of the Replicate project, co-funded within the  H2020 programme, Contract Number 691735 (European SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities call), participated on the stand alongside the 14 lighthouse projects approved in the different  SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities calls, the EIP-SCC (European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities) and SCIS (Smart Communities Information System). In addition to exchanging experiences with the rest of the projects and informing those interested about the Replicate project, different sessions were held, which were open to the public. These sessions, focused on the main areas of implementation of the projects, such as energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, ICTs/Infrastructures, as well as cross-cutting activities. Fomento San Sebastián participated on the stand along with the project’s other two lighthouse cities, Florence and Bristol, as well as the other partners in the Ikusi project, ESADE and Technomar. Replicate participated in the session on Smart services related to mobility, as well as in sessions on communication, citizen participation and replication and business models. On the other hand, Fomento de San Sebastián, participated in a session on the replication of smart solutions at the AGORA auditorium, on behalf of the Replicate project, along with the other coordinators of lighthouse projects. Like in previous years, Ikusi, member of the San Sebastian Smart Cluster, participated in the fair with its own stand, where it showed its developments within the framework of the Replicate and SmartKalea projects.


In turn, Fomento de San Sebastián presented the SmartKalea project which it coordinates at the Signify-Phillips conference, a project that aims to deploy Smart implementations in different streets of the city through a public-private collaboration model.  During the event, San Sebastian participated in a round table along with other cities, such as Oporto, Madrid and Badajoz, sharing their collaboration experiences with technological companies in connected lighting in their respective cities. Ikusi, a collaborator in the SmartKalea project, participated with Fomento San Sebastián, explaining the origins of the SmartKalea project, the importance of transparency in information to citizens, and the benefits of monitoring through the project’s Smart platform and the integration process of its different sides.


Furthermore, the OptEEmal project, co-funded within the H2020 programme, held a themed conference in order to raise awareness of the project and the platform developed within it. Fomento San Sebastián, as a project partner, participated presenting the case of San Sebastian, focusing on the energy rehabilitation and connection to the District Heating of 156 dwellings in the Txomin-Enea neighbourhood. It must be pointed out that the city of Helsinki participated in the event, presenting its strategy in the Smart and energy field. OptEEmal aims to develop a design platform for energy rehabilitation projects at a district level, which provides an integrated and optimised design, reducing development time, resulting in better rehabilitation solutions. OptEEmal is now entering its final phase and in the forthcoming months it will hold two technical workshops with local companies from the San Sebastian Smart Cluster to test the project platform in the real environment of San Sebastian.  


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Finally, the city’s Smart strategy was presented at the Basque Environment Cluster’s stand, ACLIMA, where the main lines of action of Fomento de San Sebastián, the Smart Cluster, as well as the main projects in which they participate within the framework of the Smart strategy were revealed. 


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