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A new company from San Sebastian has joined the list of firms that have received funding through the EU’s SME instrument, a European programme aimed at small and medium sized businesses with projects that offer the market innovative solutions.

The approval of the project presented by WirelessCities means that 14 companies from San Sebastian have now received finance as part of the SME Instrument since its launch in 2014, representing close to 5% of all Spanish funds, with almost 10M Euros secured in total.


Spain remains at the top of the leader board in terms of the number of companies that have received funding, with a total of 355 beneficiary firms and around 210 Million Euros, giving it a significant lead over other countries such as the UK, with 130 Million Euro, and Germany, with 92 Million Euro. In Spain’s Basque Country, 40 companies have accessed the SME Instrument, the majority in Phase I (26 Phase I in comparison to 14 Phase II).


In the case of San Sebastian, a total of 14 firms based in the city have secured funding through this programme (see list below),including 9 in Phase II and 5 in Phase I. These figures represent 80% of projects from Guizpuzcoa and 65% of Phase II projects in the Basque Country, demonstrating that our city is a key driver of cutting-edge innovation.


The SME Instrument, managed by the European Union within the Horizon Programme 2020, was launched with a view to identifying and supporting highly innovative small and medium sized enterprises, which are considered the cornerstone of the EU’s economic future. Phase I is defined as the study phase, geared towards identifying ideas and giving them a business boost, and the finance available is up to 50,000 euros. Phase II implies the launch and development of the project, with subsidies of up to 2.5 million euros.


As Luis Guerra, representative of the EU Programmes Division at CDTI, explained during the session held by Fomento San Sebastián at WeekINN on 23 October, this programme will undergo several important changes in 2018, including an expansion of topics, offering access to companies from niche sectors, as well as the incorporation of a previous project presentation stage to strengthen candidacies and allow the evaluators to gain a better understanding of the projects presented.


Fomento San Sebastián is working to ensure more companies from San Sebastian can access this Instrument, and offers continuous support and specialist guidance in the preparation and presentation of projects for SME Instrument funding, by organising specialist ad hoc workshops over the course of the year, seminars and conferences (WeekINN…), individual guidance sessions, as well as the possibility of applying for DonostiaINN financial assistance to cover strategic expenses.


The development of innovative projects in the city is a key priority for FSS, and for that reason it supports these companies as they seek to attract and retain talent, incorporate technological knowledge (Technology Vouchers), offering DonostiaINN financial assistant, and helping these companies to disseminate and promote their projects at an international level. 


The companies from San Sebastian that have secured SME Instrument funding so far are as follows: 

Phase I 

  • Wireless Cities
  • Iline Microsystems 
  • Instant Sport 
  • Zoovel Technologies, S.L. 
  • Sapa Operaciones, S.L 

Phase II 

  • Arima Software Desing 
  • Hvid Security
  • Farsens 
  • Graphenea 
  • Likuid Nanotek, S.L. 
  • Neos Surgery 
  • Nesplora, S.L. 
  • Countercraft 
  • Alerion 


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