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Fomento de San Sebastián, leading partner and coordinator of the REPLICATE EU Project, attends EIP Smart Cities and Communities general assembly in Eindhoven on 23-24 May


The 3rd EIP Smart Cities and Communities General Assembly took place in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on 24 May. In it, about 400 attendees discussed key policy issues and market trends for smart communities, as well as clustering and networking activities. It was one of the most important smart innovation events held in Europe.


The day before, there was a meeting for ‘beacon’ and ‘follower’ smart cities participating in EU smart projects, organised by Eurocities. It was an interactive session to exchange knowledge and share experiences for the building of synergies and the development of an action guide for the implementation of smart city solutions.


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Fomento San Sebastián, an agency of the Department for Economic Development, was present in both events as a ‘beacon’ city and leading partner/coordinator of the REPLICATE EU project, launched in February within the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme. The other two REPLICATE beacon cities are Florence and Bristol, while follower cities include Essen, Lausanne and Nilüfer.



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