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Donostia-San Sebastián to host launch of REPLICATE programme, worth €29 million (€11 million for Urumea Riverside Plan)


Donostia-San Sebastián, leading city of the REPLICATE EU project, is playing host to the launch of the programme through the Office of Economic Promotion. The event will be attended by the representatives of the other two places where a smart city model is being implemented, namely, Bristol (England) and Florence (Italy). There will be representatives of those cities importing the model soon as well: Essen (Germany), Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Nilüfer district in Bursa (Turkey). Finally, the 36 participating partners – including Oxford University, ESADE, Enel, Tecnalia, NEC, Toshiba, Thales and Ikusi, among others – will also be in town for the occasion. At the three-day event, participants will discuss the main lines of work for the implementation of the project in the next three years.


replicate contenido2REPLICATE is part of Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever, focusing on cities. San Sebastián, the project’s leader, will be a sort of ‘beacon’ city for the other two, Bristol and Florence, as well as for the cities that will follow suit in the near future, for instance, Essen (Germany), Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Nilüfer district in Bursa (Turkey), applying the model once it has been optimised, validated and verified. In the context of REPLICATE, Donostia, Bristol and Florence are making considerable efforts to become smart cities


At the three-day launching event, each of these three cities will be able to discuss what the project means to them and how it will be implemented. Also, they will outline their strategy for the various areas of action and define a series of tasks and assignments for project development. In addition, they will discuss their pilot plans with the managers for such fields as ICT, energy or transport, identifying the common elements that will be present in all pilot plans. Finally, they will design business models and consider whether and to what extent they can be replicated in the follower cities and in European cities at large.


In San Sebastián, the programme will be carried out in the districts of Txomin, Ametzagaina and Polígono 27, divided into several areas.



  • Energy rehabilitation in building façades, windows and roofs, and district heating (DH) connection for 154 homes and 34 shops in Txomin Enea. Total investment: €2,335,948. Implementation period: 2017-2018.
  • District or central heating in Txomin Enea. Total budget: €726,464, including equipment (boilers, heat exchangers, and so on), installation (pipes and infrastructure) and control system. Implementation period: 2016-2018.
  • Demand platform in Txomin Enea: Monitoring and follow-up of consumption and savings of heating energy. Implementation period: 2018.



  • Purchase of two electric buses for line 26 of Dbus (San Sebastián-Loiola-Txomin-Martutene). Total budget: €1,551,375. Adding up to the existing electric bus and hybrid electric bus, they would amount to the full electrification of line 26.
  • Purchase of four electric vehicles for the municipal fleet and implementation of eco-friendly label for companies using electric vehicles, with benefits associated with loading/unloading, access to restricted areas, and so on.
  • Purchase of six electric motorcycles for the municipal fleet and implementation of measures favouring electric motorcycle users, with special attention to postal services or food delivery..
  • Incentives to buy electric motorcycles and vehicles in 2016-2018:

Taxis (leasing or rental): 12 subsidies of €11,000 = €132,000.

Electric vehicles for delivery fleets: 5 subsidies of €11,000 = €55,000.

Electric vehicles for private individuals: 12 subsidies of €4,000 = €48,000.

Electric motorcycles to replace gasoline-powered motorcycles: 20 subsidies of €500 each = €10,000.




  • Fast charging points in petrol stations: 12 at €12,000 = €144,000.
  • Slow charging points: 19 at €12,000 = €228,000. 15 in city car parks and 4 in car parks to discourage city driving (Ondarreta, Lautximinieta, Illumbe and Riberas de Loiola).
  • Chargers in private car parks in the Urumea district. 50 at €600 = €30,000.


replicate contenido3


In the area of ICT, a smart platform will be designed to manage information about City Hall services, including citizen participation. The project includes smart and efficient street lighting networks (LED technology).


The project’s total budget is €29 million, €25 million of which will be contributed by the EU. Donostia-San Sebastián will get €11 million, to be managed by the City Hall departments involved in project drafting and development.


REPLICATE is led by Donostia-San Sebastián City Council through Fomento de San Sebastián. Participating organisations include Ikusi, Eurohelp Consulting, Leycolan, Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Euskaltel, Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián (CTSS), Esade Business & Law School, Zabala Innovation Consulting and Sistelec Soluciones de Telecomunicación.


Among the British organisations supporting the project there are Bristol City Council, University of Bristol, University of Oxford, Bristol is Open, Zeetta Networks, Knowle West Media Centre, Toshiba Research Europe, Route Monkey, Esoterix Systems, NEC Laboratories Europe, Co-Wheels Car Club and University of the West of England. Among Italian participants we can mention Comune di Firenze, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Enel Distribuzione, Mathema, SPES Consulting, Telecom Italia, Università degli Studi di Firenze and Thales Italia.


Within REPLICATE, ESADE will be in charge of analysing business models for industrial partners in the pilot programme. As to Oxford University, it will design replication plans for individual city pilot projects to be implemented in follower cities and other towns.



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