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Jean Reno shoots various scenes of “Mes tresors” in the Kursaal and the Paseo de Salamanca in San Sebastian


The San Sebastian Film Commission facilitated the handling of the processes required to shoot the French film directed by Pascal Bordiaux. Local firms and professionals were involved in the filming, which extended over three days.


Weeks before filming commenced, the Film Commission worked intensively with the production company, Radar Films, helping it search for indoor and outdoor locations. It also acted as an intermediary between the French production company and different local firms and professionals from various sectors: casting, logistics (fences, containers, cleaning trucks), and with hotel establishments (the production company has booked at least 90 rooms). Finally, the Film Commission handled the processing of the permits required to occupy public roads.


rodaje mes tresors contenido 2Filming began on Tuesday inside the Kursaal. The Auditorium was the setting for the scenes corresponding to an opera performance, for which around 300 extras were hired. On Wednesday evening, outdoor scenes were shot on the Paseo de Salamanca, in the vicinity of Hotel Parma. The shots filmed there offer a panoramic view of the Kursaal building. Filming was completed on Thursday with more scenes shot inside the Auditorium.


The star, Jean Reno, shares the billboard with the French actors, Reem Kherici, Camille Chamous, Bruno Sanchez and the Spanish actress, Natalia Verbeke. The plot of this film, classified as an “action comedy”, revolves around two young girls, one of whom is introverted and still lives with her mother, and a pickpocket who works the hotels on the French Riviera. They do not know each other and are unaware that they are sisters until their father appears, a high flying thief who is looking to take away a Stradivarius violin.


Shooting of the film began in December and in addition to the locations in San Sebastian, it includes scenes shot in the French town of Courchevel, in Paris and at a ski resort in Saboya. It is not the first time that the Spanish-born actor, Jean Reno, has come to San Sebastian, as he has participated in different editions of the International Film Festival. Natalia Verbeke has also visited the city for the festival and, some years ago, she formed part of the City of San Sebastian Film Commission Award organised by Fomento de San Sebastián.


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