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European and International Networks

Networking is a fundamental component and the backbone of Fomento San Sebastián’s action. Specifically, the Area of European Programmes is working on promoting our presence in networks, especially at a European level, allowing for the exchange of experiences and the development of new shared projects.


We are particularly active in the following international networks


Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities

This organisation encompasses close to 40 cities in Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, and Ireland, and works through 3 commissions or areas:

  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Strategy and Coordination
  • Attractive and Cohesive Cities 

The Attractive and Cohesive Cities working group is currently led by Fomento San Sebastián, which is also a member of the Executive Bureau.



ERNACT: European Regions Networks for the Application of Communications Technology

The regions and cities that belong to ERNACT are working to bring the benefits of the Information Society to EU member cities and regions, implementing development models for New Technologies. 






Eurocities is the network for Europe’s major cities. Working with EU institutions to respond to issues that affect the everyday lives of Europeans, shaping the opinions of participants in Brussels about the latest changes in legislation with a view to helping state and local governments to apply the challenges of the EU at a local level, strengthening the role and place that local governments should occupy in multi-level governmental structures.