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“DONOSTIA JABE IZAN” (YEI OP 2014-2020 – Basque Country)

“Project to improve the skills and profesional competencies of young people and Donostia Jabe Izan” is a Project that is 91,89% funded by the European Social Fund within the framework of the Youth Employment Operational Programme 2014-2020, involving the following entities: Fomento de San Sebastian, Gureak Inklusio Fundazioa – Kutxa Zeharo and Nazaret Fundazioa. It aims to improve the employability of under 30s who are currently not in work but also not in education or training system, capitalizing on the opportunities derived from the promotion of commercial, hostelry and tourist activity in San Sebastian, as well as the drive of certain emerging sectors being promoted by Fomento San Sebastian: Audiovisual and Digital, Smart Energy, Surfing, Fashion, Agri-Food, and Support Solutions for quality of life.

The actions developed by Fomento San Sebastian within this project are as follows:

  1. Training in Hostelry, Commerce, Tourism and emerging sectors to obtain professional profiles in great demand in said sectors.
  2. Recruitment and contract funding and subsidies in emerging and strategic sectors in order to support the recruitment of young people with little or no professional experience in these sectors.


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