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“DONOSTIA GAZTEEKIN” (ESF OP Basque Country 2014-2020)

“Donostia Gazteekin : integration adapted to the employment market of qualified Young jobseekers in the city’s emerging and strategic sectors” is a Project that is 50% funded by the European Social Fund within the framework of the ESF Operational Programme for the Basque Country 2014-2020. It aims to promote professional development and the creation of new employmet opportunities for highly qualified individuals under the age of 35.


The actions developed within this project are as follows:

  1. Fomento San Sebastián internationalisation grants: grants programme to Foster the international mobility of Young people by offering placements abroad.
  2. Funding for the recruitment of young people: “Innovative Talent”, “Talent return” and “Research” programmes fot the profesional development of young people, improving their employability through projects linked to knowledge and innovation.
  3. Specific and transversal training in emerging and strategic sectors: courses to promote and strengthen the socio-professional competencies and employability of young people.


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