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TechTown will explore how small and medium sized cities can maximise the job creation potential of the digital economy. It will examine whether there is potential for spillover from stronger city level digital economies, examine how clusters can work at city level and look collaboratively at what cities can do to support businesses to access the digital skills and innovations they need in order to start, grow and compete.


As part of the project , TechTown partners want to explore further the role and viability of digital, content creation and technology clusters and how benefit may be gained from major city or national initiatives to benefit job creation and growth in small and medium sized cities. The project will be 'of the digital economy' as well as 'for the digital economy' in that it will use digital technologies as much as possible throughout management and delivery.


Coordinated by the city of Barnsley ( United Kingdom) the following cities are participating in the project: San Sebastian, Limerick (Ireland), Basingstoke (United Kingdom), Clermont Ferrand (France), Siracusa (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Nyíregyháza (Hungary), Cesis (Latvia), Gävle (Sweden), Loop city (Denmark)