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Urban M


The common challenge of Urban Manufacturing is to better support and develop a particular type of innovation infrastructure: collaborative maker spaces. These spaces are characterised as places where people from different disciplines work together to produce new products and services, and have sprung up throughout cities and regions. Examples include Fab Labs, Living Labs, Open Innovation Centres and Cross-Sector Incubators. However, such facilities often struggle to maximise their impact, due to issues such as segregated ecosystems, poor governance and challenging business/financial models.


The overall objective of Urban Manufacturing is to ensure that these spaces thrive. This will be achieved through identifying good practices in Urban Manufacturing; improving the related policy instruments in partner city/regions, and monitoring the effects. The partnership has identified three specific development themes in relation to collaborative maker spaces:

  1. Collaborative incubation.
  2. Investment in collaborative R&D.
  3. Commercialisation of collaborative innovation.


Each theme has a grouping of cities/regions, who share that interest and will work together to make improvements through an iterative process of exchange of experience, peer review and action plan writing.