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UpGradeSME is an international cooperation for enhancing SME internationalization. UpGradeSME is a 5 year learning process with the close cooperation of 8 actors representing 6 European regions of Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Spain.


There are internal and external reasons for the relatively weak performance of the SMEs. External reason is that large companies are over-represented in export-oriented industries. Internal reasons are cultural barriers, information shortage, language skills, financing.


In the participating countries of UpGradeSME there is a heritage of internationalization support policy instruments. Part of the partners represent innovation-oriented area, while others have more labour-intensive character, providing a mixture of background.


Common for our partnership is the focus on internationalization of SMEs.


In our cooperation all partners will receive a mirror for their individual instrument provided by the partnership, when each policy instrument is discussed one-by- one in detail. Thematic workshops, international staff exchange programs, interactive discussions with SMEs and continuous exchange of know-how will contribute to the improvement of each internationalization policy instrument.