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REnaissance of PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnologies aims to deploy integrated energy, mobility and ICT solutions in city districts.


The vision is to increase the quality of life for citizens across Europe by demonstrating the impact of innovative technologies used to co-create smart city services with citizens, and prove the optimal process for replicating successes within and across cities”


The main objective is the development and validation of a sustainable City Business Model to enhance the transition process to a smart city in the areas of the energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and ICT/Infrastructure, in order to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies, organisational and economic solutions to significantly increase resource and energy efficency, improve the sustainability of urban transport and drastically reduce green house has emission in urban areas.


3 lead cities (Lighthouses Cities) San Sebastian in Spain, Florence in Italy and Bristol in United Kingdom , will develop city pilots, and 3 ‘follower’ cities will look into replicating interventions in their cities, Essen (Germany), Nilüfer (Turkey) and Lausanne (Switzerland). Consortium is composed by 36 partners, 7 public organisations, 24 multisectorials companies and 5 universities