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International Connecting Talent, Mobility Programme



PURPOSE: Offer the opportunity to take on qualified young people in international destinations, facilitating the internationalisation process of entities and/or generating opportunities for entities from San Sebastian in the international arena.


BENEFICIARIES: International businesses and entities (with no geographical limitations) OPPORTUNITY FOR LOCAL ENTITIES - TO COLLABORATE WITH INTERNATIONAL AGENTS.



  • Grants for a period of at least 6 months
  • Participants must be under 30 years of age, have a university degree or diploma, or a higher Vocational Training qualification, and a High level of languages.
  • Entities must have an internationalisation project they are looking to launch and/or need the support of young people to carry it out abroad. The grant recipient must be physically located in the destination where the work will be carried out.
  • Different calls per year and possibility of self-candidacy.


AMOUNT: Maximum amount of: €1400/month + insurance and assistance in the destination (financed by FSS). 100% monthly grant financed by FSS (Up to 6 months).


PROCESS: Send application with the details of the host entity, expressing interest and the requirements of the grant/project to be developed, as well as the profile required.