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PURPOSE: Help to finance business projects linked to strategic sectors prioritised by FOMENTO DE SAN SEBASTIAN


SUBSIDISABLE CONCEPTS: Operations to be financed include movable and immovable tangible assets as well as investments such as software, process implementation, patents or R&D and innovation, liquidity and cash flow facilities for the development of activity (excluding VAT).


BENEFICIARY ENTITIES: companies and entrepreneurs

  1. Turnover below 50 million.
  2. General balance below 43 million euros.
  3. Fewer than 250 employees.
  4. It must not be partly owned (25% or more) by other companies that do not meet the above criteria.
  5. The company must not be in a crisis situation, in other words, with accumulated losses in excess of 50% of its equity / involved in bankruptcy proceedings.
  6. They must be up to date with payments owing to Fomento de San Sebastián, the City Council, Regional Government, Social Security, and Basque Government.
  7. They may be existing companies or new start-ups. 8) Expressly excluded are companies with CNAE 01, 02 and 03.