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The INNOVATIVE TALENT Programme, within the Donostia INN Grant Programme, seeks to foster the incorporation of young people from the city in the development of local projects based on knowledge and innovation.




I am an applicant.

I am an unemployed person under the age of 35 with qualifications and I am interested in participating in an innovative project in San Sebastian.


What does the "Innovative Talent Programme" consist of?

Fomento de San Sebastián, within the framework of the San Sebastian UP! Economic Impulse Stimulus Plan 2018, has developed a strategy to support the development of talent and innovation as key elements in the transformation of the socioeconomic model.


The Innovative Talent Programme seeks to encourage the development of innovative local projects with an impact on the future development of the city, incorporating  young, qualified people under the age of 35 (on the hiring date) who are unemployed into them. To do so, economic grants are offered to foster the economic, social and productive development of the city through innovative projects, hiring qualified young people in order to develop the future bases of the city.


Who can apply for a contract for a new innovative project?

Anybody who fulfils the following requirements:

  • To be under the age of 35 on the hiring date.
  • To have a University Degree, Diploma or Higher Level Vocational Training qualification or other type of specific training related to the sector or activity.
  • To be unemployed and registered as a job seeker at Lanbide-SVE (Basque Employment Service). The registration date must be prior to the start date of the employment relationship. Unemployed people must not be registered as workers in the Social Security General System or in the Special System of Self-employed Workers, at least since the day prior to commencing the employment relationship.
  • To be registered as resident in San Sebastian.
  • To fulfil the profile required by the R&D&I company or agent to form part of the development of the innovative project.


How long is the contract for?

The contract will have a minimum duration of 6 months or longer with a minimum working day of 75%.  Hiring must commence between 1st January 2018 and 15th March 2019.


What is the candidate selection process?

The candidate selection process will cover the following stages:

Analysis of the Curriculum Vitae and evaluation of the qualifications, complementary training and experiences or placements in accordance with the general criteria of equality, merit and capacity.  


Interview with the company/entity that is the beneficiary of the grant.


How can I sign up for a R&D&I project offer?

As projects requesting these grants are approved, they will be published so that candidates will be able to apply for them. In both cases, application will be through our website: www.fomentosansebastian.eus


The “Innovative Talent”  Programme grants set out in these Bases will be 50% funded by the European Social Fund within the framework of the Basque Country ESF Operational Programme 2014-2020, for the “Donostia GazteEkin Programme: integration adapted to the job market for unemployed qualified young people in emerging and strategic sectors of the city”


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