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Bono tecnológico IK4

PURPOSE: Promote and develop, in collaboration with Ceit-IK4, projects with a technological component promoted by local businesses and entrepreneurs, through the technological transferof knowledge developed in research centres in San Sebastian.

BENEFICIARY ENTITIES: all kind of private businesses located in San Sebastian and entrepreneurs with commitment to set up the business in San Sebastian.


  • Technical services to be chosen from the catalogue.


  • Up to €6,500, excluding VAT, for projects with more than 15 points on the specific assessment scale
  • Up to €12,500, excluding VAT, for projects with more than 25 points on the specific assessment scale, considered on the basis of their potential and the project presented, prioritised in terms of the impact they might have on the future socioeconomic development of the city, based on knowledge and innovation.


  • Applicants can apply for one Voucher per PROJECT presented.
  • The business must identify the services it requires from the catalogue. In the case of IK4, identifying the centre.
  • A business may present different projects at each call for applications.
  • Minimum score: 70 points ( 55/70 points on the general part + 15/30 specific points for the funding evaluated by CCTT).
  • Once APPROVED, the services will be budgeted, and the scope of the services and amount shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • Beneficiaries must pay the invoice VAT.