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PURPOSE: To support strategic costs of an innovative business projects to improve the competitive capacity of San Sebastian companies.


BENEFICIARY ENTITIES: small businesses companies based and operating in San Sebastian. In the case of activities linked to internationalisation, they must have their business and fiscal headquarters in San Sebastian.


SUBSIDISABLE CONCEPTS: funding is available to projects that have a direct impact on improving the competitiveness of the company in the following areas:

  • Innovation, internationalization and financing projects.
  • Digitization projects.
  • Projects / programs of European funding and CDTI for the growth of business R & D + i projects.
  • Specialized training of company personnel in business management, technology and design.


AMOUNT: Maximum amount €8.000 . Financeable between 20% and 80% according to the type of spending.



  • Applicants can request one Innplanta grant per PROJECT presented
  • A company can present different projects at each call for applications.
  • The service provider may not be: a public entity, a non-profit foundation or association, or any organisation that reports directly to an entity in th.