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Fomento de San Sebastián presented the Smartkalea Project at the BY&FORCITIZENS European Congress


On 20 September, Fomento San Sebastián presented the SmartKalea project at the first edition of the BY&FORCITIZENS congress on the Smart Regeneration of Cities and Regions in Valladolid, organised by the Regional Government of Castilla y León, Valladolid City Council, and the organisation Cartif and ICE. The event brought together around 250 participants from the public and private sector, of different nationalities, as well as representatives of the European Commission, giving them the opportunity to share experiences, ideas and best practices for the sustainable regeneration of cities.


smartkalea congreso europeo contenido 2The SmartKalea project is the innovative initiatived developed by Fomento de San Sebastián to a model of public-private collaboration that integrates the different agents that co-exist in an area of the city from a Smart perspective: citizens, businesses, technology companies, and Local Council Departments. This is a pilot project of smart implementations to test out and validate this model so that it can be expanded to other geographical areas, and turn the city of San Sebastian into a Smart point of reference. Specifically, SmartKalea fosters environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, citizen participation and transparency using cutting-edge technology from local technology partners, integrating the data into the project's smart platform for monitoring purposes and to obtain indicators.


Additionally, Fomento San Sebastián was invited to present the SmartKalea initiative at the National Smart City Plan congress organised by the SOCINFO Information Society on 25 September, comparing the experience gained on this project with other public and private agents in this sphere. SOCINFO also presented the Smart Cities award to this same project in the year 2015

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