We work to make San Sebastián an enterprising city and a city of opportunities, focusing on science and growth moving towards the future

Urban transformation

We are building the smart city of the future

A Smart City uses technology to provide services that solve the problems of the city and its inhabitants. And that is what we do: we put technology to work to make the lives of the entire population of Donostia easier.

To build the smart city of the future, at Fomento San Sebastián:


1We have set up the Smart Cluster alliance of companies of more than one hundred partners (from different sectors) exchanging good practices and generating projects to improve people's lives (such as Replicate in Txominenea, for example).

2We test-drive projects which gather real-time data and provide innovative solutions to boost people's mobility, services and welfare.

3We perceive trends and identify patterns. This enables us to solve problems and minimise nuisances to citizens.  

4We create the supports and tools needed to build a Smart Donostia, and we showcase our project wherever it is needed..