Donostia Innovation League comienza

Este mes de Junio hemos dado comienzo a la DONOSTIA INNOVATION LEAGUE (DLE), iniciativa que ofrece una oportunidad de aprendizaje en capacidades vinculadas a la innovación. Entre los días 19 y 21 de Junio, en el Hotel AMARA Plaza, 180 alumnos de 1º, 2º y 3º de la ESO de AXULAR Ikastetxea ...

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Donostia Open INN: Open innovation workshop

Fomento de San Sebastián organised an Open Innovation session on 24th October within the framework of the GeniUS! (URBACT) Project within the “San Sebastian WeekINN” Innovation Week. The workshop was open to the public and aimed at all entities and individuals interested in identifying innovative solutions ... 

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DONOSTIA OPENINNOpen platform for the city

This platform has been developed by Fomento de San Sebastián, the municipal public corporation dedicated to the promotion and sustainable economic development of the city through knowledge innovation, generation and transformation and networking. Donostia Open INN is part of Fomento’s Innovation Strategy and as such it is included in the online innovation platform DonostiaINN, which also contains a community of innovative agents and all the services and activities related to innovation in city.