Get involved

It could not be easier to become a member of the Donostia Open INN community, so come and join!

First you need to register via the link at the top right of this page and then follow the instructions. Once you have registered you can contribute with comments about the challenge or about other people’s comments, publish a blog and add photos and videos.

We want to hear your ideas and suggestions about the Challenge and comments from others, including:

  • Your ideas
  • The advantages of your idea / proposal
  • The impediments or obstacles that we may come across when developing your idea, such as time, cost or technology.
  • Are there similar examples operating anywhere that you can tell us about?

You do not have to have the answers! Some people will have well-developed ideas based on verified information, others will provide undeveloped ideas that have occurred in a moment of inspiration. Whatever stage your idea is at, please share it with us! 


The challenge will be open for 4 weeks. During this period any member of Donostia Open INN can post comments about the challenge or about other people’s comments. We hope that by discussing the challenge, solutions can be developed to later put them into practice. To post a comment simply click on the “answer” icon on the issue you want to comment.

DONOSTIA OPENINNOpen platform for the city

This platform has been developed by Fomento de San Sebastián, the municipal public corporation dedicated to the promotion and sustainable economic development of the city through knowledge innovation, generation and transformation and networking. Donostia Open INN is part of Fomento’s Innovation Strategy and as such it is included in the online innovation platform DonostiaINN, which also contains a community of innovative agents and all the services and activities related to innovation in city.