Which is Donostia Open INN?

The Donostia Open INN Platform stems from the European GeniUS! Project financed by the European Union URBACT II programme. Donostia is one of the four participating cities, along with Siracusa (Italy), Tallinn (Estonia) and York (UK).

The city of York designed GeniUS! as a search model for solutions to a wide range of challenges and problems that the world's cities face today. Through this project three cities have had the opportunity to participate in this network for the transfer of good practices.


Donostia Open INN is now part of Fomento de San Sebastián’s innovation strategy, which aims to boost research and innovation as key elements in the transformation of the socio-economic model of the city. In the framework of this strategy the aim is to promote open innovation understood as an innovation management model under which the organisation goes beyond its internal limits to lead to the transfer, exchange of ideas and knowledge with the outside.

The concept of GeniUS! and Donostia Open INN is simple, it is based on involving all citizens, organisations and businesses in the city interested in exploring and designing possible solutions to the city’s problems and challenges. The process is developed through the online generation of ideas on which we can all contribute by commenting on the challenge or on the ideas shared by the participants.

The Donostia Open INN platform and challenges are supported by a team from Fomento de San Sebstian. This team responds to enquiries and promotes the ideas presented in Donostia Open INN to develop them and turn them into real solutions. These solutions can then be tested in a real context in Donostia to see if they work and adjust them if necessary.

As part of Donostia Open INN and facilitating a dialogue with different agents in the community, Fomento de San Sebastian can come to understand your views on specific topics and identify who it can turn to and who has the knowledge and experience for advice when the city ​​faces future challenges.

Donostia Open INN is in itself a pilot project that will evolve over time. We encourage you to send us your comments about the platform or content to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DONOSTIA OPENINNOpen platform for the city

This platform has been developed by Fomento de San Sebastián, the municipal public corporation dedicated to the promotion and sustainable economic development of the city through knowledge innovation, generation and transformation and networking. Donostia Open INN is part of Fomento’s Innovation Strategy and as such it is included in the online innovation platform DonostiaINN, which also contains a community of innovative agents and all the services and activities related to innovation in city.