Talent House

Talent House is Fomento de San Sebastián’s hosting programme, aimed at recruiting high-end talented researchers for Donostia’s technology centres, businesses and universities.



The project is aimed at:

  • Enlarging Donostia-San Sebastián’s scientific community.
  • Favouring integration.
  • Disseminating and socialising technical and scientific knowledge.
  • Creating digital and physical meeting places for R&D+i networking.


Talent House hosting and accommodation services   Facility rental at the Talent House building



Talent House: a formula for success


Talent House, the block of flats for high-level researchers in Donostia-San Sebastián managed by the Department for Economic Development, is celebrating its 5th anniversary as the main accommodation choice for the scientific community.

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Through the Talent House hosting programme, Fomento de San Sebastián is the local contact point (LoCP) of EURAXESS, the pan-European network for researchers who want to pursue their careers in Europe.