San Sebastian seeks to position itself as a City of Innovation through the European AT BRAND project

Fomento San Sebastián is participating in AT Brand, a European project that aims to foster integrated and coherent city branding in the partner cities and co-branding in the Atlantic Area.


Liverpool organised a programme that included city branding conferences, workshops and best practices with international experts, which was held from 24th to 27th June. Cardiff, Dublin, La Rochelle and Faro are the other cities participating in the project.


Fomento de San Sebastián, the San Sebastian City Council sustainable economic development agency, is participating in the project with the aim of positioning San Sebastian as a City of Innovation.


This positioning lies within the framework of Fomento San Sebastián’s commitment to the city’s economic and social transformation based on three main action lines, focusing on social innovation: 

  • Donostia Knowledge City: promote infrastructures, agents and individuals to create and spread knowledge.
  • Donostia Specialised City: work in different strategic sectors from a collaboration, integration and innovation point of view.
  • Donostia Living Lab: Turn the city into a testing and technological or social research platform to improve life quality.


An on-line innovation platform, DonostiaINN will be launched through the programme, which will show the innovation eco-system in San Sebastian, include interactive communities that will bring together all of the agents related to innovation at a local and international level and an open innovation platform, DonostiaOpenINN, through which citizens and other agents (technology centres, universities, entrepreneurs and innovation-related companies, researchers etc.) can participate and put forward solutions to the challenges faced to improve the city.


This project is financed by ERDF under the INTERREG Atlantic Area programme


More News

Fomento San Sebastián organizes two technical sessions on energy retrofitting

On 7th and 8th of February 2019, at the ENERTIC building, Fomento San Sebastián organized two technical sessions with the local companies and agents from the Donostia Smart cluster, where they showed and tested the district energy retrofitting developed within the European project OptEEmAL (H2020-EU) ...

Fomento de San Sebastián participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, presenting the San Sebastián Smart Strategy and projects

Fomento de San Sebastián (Concejalía de Impulso Económico) participa por tercer año consecutivo en el Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress con un stand conjunto con todos los proyectos lighthouse y organizaciones europeas presentó durante el congreso los proyectos Replicate, SmartKalea y OptEEmal, así como la estrategia Smart de la ciudad de Donostia/San Sebastián ...

A new company from San Sebastian has joined the list of firms that have received funding through the EU’s SME instrument, a European programme aimed at small and medium sized businesses with projects that offer the market innovative solutions.

The approval of the project presented by WirelessCities means that 14 companies from San Sebastian have now received finance as part of the SME Instrument since its launch in 2014, representing close to 5% of all Spanish funds, with almost 10M Euros secured in total ...

Young People Design the Future of San Sebastian

Creativity, critical thought, talent, teamwork, human capital, innovation or 'Open Data' have marked the third day of Donostia WeekINN. On very few occasions can we find San Sebastian City Council’s Plenary Hall decorated in balloons and colourful card with modern music in the background and presided by 27 schoolchildren between the ages of 11 and 17 ...

A new image for the city based on innovation

The second day of Donostia WeekINN focused on international cooperation, the development of innovation, and the use of new technologies to promote different sectors. On Tuesday, the Donostia WeekINN innovation festival launched a new forum for debate about technologies known as TechTalks ...

San Sebastian’s branding is not about tourism; it’s about talent

Young people and their talent took centre stage on the first day of Donostia WeekINN initiative, featuring the participation of the branding guru Andy Stalman. The importance of generating talent among young people and retaining that talent in our city was one of the key messages that permeated throughout the first day of the Donostia WeekINN innovation festival ...